Love Your Legs workout



LEG DAY! Here’s a workout that incorporates resistance training and 30 second cardio bursts to really tone up those legs!


Grab some heavy dumbbells – just make sure you keep good form with whatever weight you choose (I use 15-20lbs).


Cardio moves:








Happy sweating!

*Remember, always check with your physician before beginning any new exercise program! 🙂

Cardio + Strength Circuit


Complete each of the four circuits then repeat 2 more times. Use heavy enough weights on the arms circuit to reach fatigue by the end of each exercise while maintaining good form. Add dumbbell weights to any of the leg exercises to increase intensity.


Guide for select exercises (please Google any other exercises you aren’t familiar with!):

  • Plank jacks


  • Plyo lunges


  • Reverse lunges w/ front kick


  • Plie squats w/ calf raise


  • Single leg bridges (to add weight, can hold a plate or dumbbell at your hips)


  • Single leg deadlifts


  • Plank knee to elbow taps


  • Plank w/ hip taps


*Remember, please consult your physician when beginning any new exercise program!

Jump + Crunch Workout



  • Leg lower and lift – at top of leg lift, perform hip lift:




  • Boat pose crunch




  • Straight leg bicycles



  • Knee to elbow plank


  • Side plank crunch


  • Russian twist


*Remember, always consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.


Hi, friends! Sorry I disappeared again, but, no worries, I’ll catch you up to speed here. Taking another week off of blogging called for an official blog-ervention (and brunch, duh) with my friend Mary. We met for an early brunch today at The Southern. I’ve heard such great things about their brunch, and it is on my 30 before 30 list, so it was an easy choice!


Mary had never been to The Southern either, and we had a great time catching up while eating this beauty (we both ordered the Southern Fried Egg Sandwich because great minds think alike). It really hit the spot!


Thanks for the blog-ervention, Mary! You’re the best, because you hang out with me even if I have post-Pure Barre greasy hair.


stolen from Mary’s Insta.. such a pretty, sunny day!

– Eating lately…


Broccoli, mushroom and spinach pizza from Soulshine

 unnamed (2)

Tostadas from Rock Bottom Brewery


Sweet potato chips with blue cheese dip from Tavern

 unnamed (1)

Champagne from…everywhere


I cooked tilapia ($2.99!!) topped with pineapple sweet onion salsa from Whole Foods with broccolini

– Sweating lately…

All Pure Barre, all the time. I am just 2 classes away from hitting my 20th class this month!! Stole this pic from my studio’s Instagram. I’m near the window in the pink/gray top dying from the 90 second plank.


AND I LOVE IT. I’ll be sad when my unlimited month is finished 😦


Finally made it out to Percy Warner park for some biking action. Brent and I went last weekend… those hills were killer!


– Friends lately…

My friend Lauren was in town last weekend (we worked together in Memphis), so we planned a fun Saturday with Stephanie (also worked with us in Memphis and now she’s my coworker again in Nashville! They couldn’t keep us apart for too long…).


At Rock Bottom Brewery

We then went to see a Predator’s game! I haven’t been to a hockey game since I was younger, and it was a blast!


Found another fellow therapist to hang out with after the game at Rippy’s


And found a friend there that I’ve known since fetal age!

unnamed (3)

My friend Jessica (she was my little sister in our college sorority) got engaged Friday and after she and her fiance flew into Nashville, we had a celebration at Bar Louie!




– Movies and TV (=life) lately…

Ummm, Milo and Otis was on last weekend. Win.


Went to the movies with a coworker this past week to see Cinderella. It was incredible… I felt like a a little kid and was in such a great mood after the movie. So cute. Did you know that medium Diet Cokes at the movies are actually 7,000 ounces?? I was way too caffeinated watching the little mice and fairy godmothers run around on the screen.


And, yes, I’m still addicted to watching Parenthood on Netflix, and I just found out that season 2 of Southern Charm on Bravo started a couple weeks ago. Brent is now re-watching season 1 with me…what a guy.

Well, that was scattered. I apologize. But not really, because this is how my mind works.

It’s Easter week! Any plans coming up? I have a 4-day work week (we don’t get an Easter holiday, so I’m using a vacay day… SACRILEGE) and heading out of town to visit Brent’s family for the weekend! I’ll check back in mid-week with some eats (and an awesome smoothie recipe – it has caffeine in it yay!!). Have a great rest of your Sunday!


Are you a Milo and Otis fan?

What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Did you know it costs like $12 to see a matinee??

Did you brunch this weekend?

Run ZOOMA Nashville with me!

Fridayyyy! So ready for the weekend. I lucked out once again and do not have to work! I’m hoping to get out in the sunshine some on Saturday and then I’m FINALLY going to a Predators hockey game Saturday night with some friends that are in town.

As promised on Wednesday, I have some fun news and a promo code for you lovely (lady) readers! I’ll share details after my list of Friday Favorites… as always, thanks to Heather for hosting the link-up!

Friday Favorites 3/20


– Coconut Mocha coffee


I bought a box of these K-cups at Target last week on a whim since it was on sale. Great decision. I’ve had it iced and hot, and I just love the flavor! Not too overpowering. Coconut rocks my socks (as you will see…)

– Coconut La Croix


I think this is the only La Croix flavor I’ve ever actually liked. It is super refreshing, and makes me want to relax on a beach! My coworkers keep asking me if I’m going to add rum to it… not at work, people. Beach though? Perhaps 🙂

– Netflix + cardio = more cardio


(That equation makes sense, right?) I signed up for a free month of Netflix since I have a new-ish e-mail address to use (thanks, blog!). Decided to try out iPad Netflix watching at the gym… it only took me 6 months to ask the gym for the wifi password. I’ve been spinning, running and ellipticizing to my shows. It makes cardio fly by! And yes, in the picture is Season 1, Episode 1 of Parenthood. Just started it, and I CAN’T STOP WATCHING. I’ve heard about how awesome this show is (especially from Janae’s blog – I’m now asking myself the same question: why did I wait so long to start this show???). I may even be throwing some extra cardio sessions in just to watch it.

– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt



So, this was the first show on Netflix I watched with my subscription. I plowed through the first season in less than a week! Tina Fey is a producer of the show, so I knew I would love it. It’s hilarious (lots of dorky humor – straight up my alley). I was literally laughing out loud on the treadmill watching it last week (people probably thought I was just REALLY happy that I was running…false). The episodes are short (not even 30 minutes) and kept my attention, which can be difficult (RIP Game of Thrones, Revenge, and any show that requires close attention).

– Twisted Zinfandel


I picked this baby up last night for dinner (kidding! …but not really). I absolutely love zin, and this did not disappoint! The price was the best part – $7.99!! I did a little happy dance in the wine store when I saw the price (they probably thought I had already been imbibing before I did my shopping).

– Hemp seeds on green smoothies


Roll Tide to my Alabama friends. For the record, I only like this cup because it is pink.

I have been topping my green smoothies with Trader Joe’s hemp seeds, and they are such a great addition. They add great texture and staying power! I am obviously a fan, since I have included these seeds on two Friday Favorite posts now! In my smoothie: spinach, 1 frozen banana, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 scoop chocolate Designer Whey protein

– New blog header


Ok, I know this is super amateur, but it is SPARKLY. And I actually am not even sure how it ended up so pretty and sparkly, but PicMonkey is genius and knew exactly what I wanted. It was fun to play around with and fills in the top of my blog for the time being. I hope you will accept it. 😀

Link Love ❤

Alyssa’s Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Barre Class –- loved these tips and incorporated them into my Pure Barre classes this week.. definitely felt more focused (and now sore!)

5 Reasons You Need Rest Days by Heather –- AMEN to rest days!

Bethenny Frankel’s Life/Business Advice from Lauryn’s blog –- I die over Bethenny (well, and Lauryn). She’s so hilarious and I love her approach to healthy/balanced living, her yoga DVDs and her cocktails. She’s super savvy when it comes to business, too.

How To Surrender by Heather Waxman – Heather, you win again! This post could not have been written at a better time – I felt guilty for taking time off of blogging last week, but I definitely needed a little break, and this post made me feel a little more sane.

– Gina’s post on The Art Of Moderation – On. Point. Perfection.

And now for some race talk!

ZOOMA Nashville

I am so excited to announce that I was chosen as an ambassador for the ZOOMA Nashville race!! Girls, mark your calendars for the weekend of November 6th-8th!


I was SO pumped when I saw that this race series chose Nashville as their next location and immediately applied to become an ambassador. I move here, they move here… it’s meant to be. It’s a women’s race with both 5K and half marathon options. The BEST part (well, besides the running and getting to hang out with ME!) is the amazing fit girl’s weekend you can experience! In addition to a fitness expo, there’s a Mocktail party the night before, and after the race, a party involving wine (helloooooo, Barefoot Bubbly!), massages and music! You will also receive a swag bag with a race tee, running socks (yes, for real!) and a journal. It’s going to be such a great weekend, and I’d love for you to join in the fun! As an ambassador, I received a promo code for 10% off your registration fee to share with you gorgeous people! Click here to register!



I love that this race celebrates women through running. Many of us do not celebrate ourselves the way that we should. Finishing a race is AMAZING and makes you feel so confident and proud, and I think every woman needs to experience this if possible! Please feel free to share the discount code with anyone you know that would love a race-cation. Check the ZOOMA website for details on travel/lodging for the weekend (or you can sleep on my couch – I hear that is the secret to getting that PR that you’ve been shooting for!).


I personally will be running the half marathon this fall and am looking forward to finding a new training program and documenting my journey here on my blog! Who wants to train with me?? 🙂

Nashvillians – look out for local training runs coming up later this summer!


Have you ever run a ZOOMA race?

Any Netflix recommendations? On my list are (unless your persuade me otherwise): Gilmore Girls, Weeds, the next season of Orange Is The New Black (duh), Downton Abbey (buuut it’s only on DVDs), How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory

Do you love coconuts? Annnnd, do you want to go to the beach right now? Yes, and, yes. May and June beach trips can’t get here soon enough for this girl!!