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About Me

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! My name is Karina Van Sickle, and I’m a 29-year-old Physical Therapist living in Nashville, TN. I moved to Nashville in July of 2014 after living in Memphis my entire life.



I am a (mostly) healthy foodie with a passion for fitness. I love to sweat and switch up my workouts often between running (love half marathons, hate training), spinning, yoga, barre, weight & circuit training. I also enjoy creating healthy meals at home during the week. It took me awhile to actually want to cook, but now it’s fun, especially since I found a special guy who seems to like my kale-laden meals 🙂

What’s a fitsickle?

Good question. First off, it’s a play on my last name (Van Sickle… so many initials). Secondly, it sounds like popsicle, and as much as I’d like to relate that to my grade school nickname, I think it is an appropriate description of my lifestyle: I try to live a very healthy, fit life, but I also know when to chill (popsicles.. chill.. punny, right??). I think that fitness is more of a feeling rather than a number, size, etc., and that it is important to just relax sometimes (I’m still learning to do this)! I live the way I do, because it makes me feel good about myself and energized, and I’m a much nicer person when I feel this way.

My corgi nephew. Told you I love sweat.

My corgi nephew. Told you I loved sweat.

I want to share my lifestyle through this blog, because everyone deserves to feel like the best version of themselves. I love to help people, which is why I got into physical therapy (disclaimer: I work in a rehabilitation hospital, and, no, I have no idea what is wrong with your knee). I often get questions from friends about what I eat, what workouts I do, etc… so, here it is!

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