Run ZOOMA Nashville with me!

Fridayyyy! So ready for the weekend. I lucked out once again and do not have to work! I’m hoping to get out in the sunshine some on Saturday and then I’m FINALLY going to a Predators hockey game Saturday night with some friends that are in town.

As promised on Wednesday, I have some fun news and a promo code for you lovely (lady) readers! I’ll share details after my list of Friday Favorites… as always, thanks to Heather for hosting the link-up!

Friday Favorites 3/20


– Coconut Mocha coffee


I bought a box of these K-cups at Target last week on a whim since it was on sale. Great decision. I’ve had it iced and hot, and I just love the flavor! Not too overpowering. Coconut rocks my socks (as you will see…)

– Coconut La Croix


I think this is the only La Croix flavor I’ve ever actually liked. It is super refreshing, and makes me want to relax on a beach! My coworkers keep asking me if I’m going to add rum to it… not at work, people. Beach though? Perhaps 🙂

– Netflix + cardio = more cardio


(That equation makes sense, right?) I signed up for a free month of Netflix since I have a new-ish e-mail address to use (thanks, blog!). Decided to try out iPad Netflix watching at the gym… it only took me 6 months to ask the gym for the wifi password. I’ve been spinning, running and ellipticizing to my shows. It makes cardio fly by! And yes, in the picture is Season 1, Episode 1 of Parenthood. Just started it, and I CAN’T STOP WATCHING. I’ve heard about how awesome this show is (especially from Janae’s blog – I’m now asking myself the same question: why did I wait so long to start this show???). I may even be throwing some extra cardio sessions in just to watch it.

– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt



So, this was the first show on Netflix I watched with my subscription. I plowed through the first season in less than a week! Tina Fey is a producer of the show, so I knew I would love it. It’s hilarious (lots of dorky humor – straight up my alley). I was literally laughing out loud on the treadmill watching it last week (people probably thought I was just REALLY happy that I was running…false). The episodes are short (not even 30 minutes) and kept my attention, which can be difficult (RIP Game of Thrones, Revenge, and any show that requires close attention).

– Twisted Zinfandel


I picked this baby up last night for dinner (kidding! …but not really). I absolutely love zin, and this did not disappoint! The price was the best part – $7.99!! I did a little happy dance in the wine store when I saw the price (they probably thought I had already been imbibing before I did my shopping).

– Hemp seeds on green smoothies


Roll Tide to my Alabama friends. For the record, I only like this cup because it is pink.

I have been topping my green smoothies with Trader Joe’s hemp seeds, and they are such a great addition. They add great texture and staying power! I am obviously a fan, since I have included these seeds on two Friday Favorite posts now! In my smoothie: spinach, 1 frozen banana, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 scoop chocolate Designer Whey protein

– New blog header


Ok, I know this is super amateur, but it is SPARKLY. And I actually am not even sure how it ended up so pretty and sparkly, but PicMonkey is genius and knew exactly what I wanted. It was fun to play around with and fills in the top of my blog for the time being. I hope you will accept it. 😀

Link Love ❤

Alyssa’s Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Barre Class –- loved these tips and incorporated them into my Pure Barre classes this week.. definitely felt more focused (and now sore!)

5 Reasons You Need Rest Days by Heather –- AMEN to rest days!

Bethenny Frankel’s Life/Business Advice from Lauryn’s blog –- I die over Bethenny (well, and Lauryn). She’s so hilarious and I love her approach to healthy/balanced living, her yoga DVDs and her cocktails. She’s super savvy when it comes to business, too.

How To Surrender by Heather Waxman – Heather, you win again! This post could not have been written at a better time – I felt guilty for taking time off of blogging last week, but I definitely needed a little break, and this post made me feel a little more sane.

– Gina’s post on The Art Of Moderation – On. Point. Perfection.

And now for some race talk!

ZOOMA Nashville

I am so excited to announce that I was chosen as an ambassador for the ZOOMA Nashville race!! Girls, mark your calendars for the weekend of November 6th-8th!


I was SO pumped when I saw that this race series chose Nashville as their next location and immediately applied to become an ambassador. I move here, they move here… it’s meant to be. It’s a women’s race with both 5K and half marathon options. The BEST part (well, besides the running and getting to hang out with ME!) is the amazing fit girl’s weekend you can experience! In addition to a fitness expo, there’s a Mocktail party the night before, and after the race, a party involving wine (helloooooo, Barefoot Bubbly!), massages and music! You will also receive a swag bag with a race tee, running socks (yes, for real!) and a journal. It’s going to be such a great weekend, and I’d love for you to join in the fun! As an ambassador, I received a promo code for 10% off your registration fee to share with you gorgeous people! Click here to register!



I love that this race celebrates women through running. Many of us do not celebrate ourselves the way that we should. Finishing a race is AMAZING and makes you feel so confident and proud, and I think every woman needs to experience this if possible! Please feel free to share the discount code with anyone you know that would love a race-cation. Check the ZOOMA website for details on travel/lodging for the weekend (or you can sleep on my couch – I hear that is the secret to getting that PR that you’ve been shooting for!).


I personally will be running the half marathon this fall and am looking forward to finding a new training program and documenting my journey here on my blog! Who wants to train with me?? 🙂

Nashvillians – look out for local training runs coming up later this summer!


Have you ever run a ZOOMA race?

Any Netflix recommendations? On my list are (unless your persuade me otherwise): Gilmore Girls, Weeds, the next season of Orange Is The New Black (duh), Downton Abbey (buuut it’s only on DVDs), How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory

Do you love coconuts? Annnnd, do you want to go to the beach right now? Yes, and, yes. May and June beach trips can’t get here soon enough for this girl!!

Friday Favorites and not-so favorites

Guess what’s baaaaack??


I woke up to a few inches of snow yesterday morning! It was the pretty snow, too… the kind that made me want to call in and then play outside all day. Alas, therapy never sleeps, so I made it into work without too much trouble. The main problem was waiting around to see if my 6am barre class was cancelled or not. It seemed that it was still on, but I couldn’t get my car defrosted in time to make the class. Womp, womp. My body could probably use a rest day anyway 🙂

Now, let’s jump into Friday Favorites (linking up with Heather)!


– Twice


I have used Twice to sell my clothing a few times now. They accept certain brands of clothing (listed on the site) that are gently worn (from the past 5 years only). You don’t get a TON of money for what you send in, but the best part about the service is the convenience! You type in your address after making an account online, then they send you this ginormous bag that you can stuff full of your no longer needed clothing (Spring cleaning, anyone!?), and shipping back to them is free! Then, they contact you to tell you how much they will offer you; you can accept this offer, or they will send items back to you (you pay shipping). Also, if they cannot accept something, they will donate the item(s) for you! Pretty cool. And I’m too lazy to list things on eBay sometimes, so this is a great option.

– Sushi night

Wednesday evening after work, my roommate, some of our mutual coworkers and I met for a happy hour/sushi dinner. What could be better?? We sat down around 5PM AT PM (forgive my jokes, I’m a little sleep-deprived), and quickly learned that all bottles of wine were half off. Done and done. Sara and I split a lovely Zin, and we all chatted about the ridiculousness of the therapy world.

unnamed (5)

Miso soup and wine with the cold weather hit the spot! I started with a ton of edamame (why can I never spell that word??) and then went with the Rainbow Roll. Perfect evening!


– Pure Barre


How’d you know this one was coming? It’s been great having this workout back in my life! Always good to switch up the routine. There are so many muscles that are so sore that I forgot existed. Hello there, gluteus medius (I think that’s the only muscle I remember from PT school…)!

– Posh podcast


LISTEN! What an awesome podcast. DJs mix new music every week (and it’s free?!), and I promise you, my 30-minute solo spin session at the gym Wednesday absolutely flew by while listening to it. I didn’t plan out a certain ride, but I just spun to the music, and I was dripping sweat. There’s a good mix of old and new songs, and you’ll feel like you’re at a dance club (except that it’s 5am, and the thought of a dance club makes you want to puke a little).

– Pictures of my parents’ new puppy

Meet Callie!


This little sweetheart has joined the family! My sister and her fiance just picked her up yesterday and will be delivering her to her new parents this weekend. I have gotten so many adorable pictures of Callie on our family group text, and I can barely stand the cuteness. I’m so happy my parents decided (well, my mom decided 🙂 ) to get another dog. I think it will be such a good thing for my parents after Holly passed away… it’s difficult to fill a void like that, but a precious little one sure should help! I will get to meet her in April (TOO FAR AWAY), and I can’t wait to love on her!


Otis showing Callie how to pose for pictures. I don’t know how my sister gets them to do this.

Make Your Bed. Make Your Bed? Make Your Bed!

This article is so fantastic. I know it may seem like a petty chore, but I truly believe that making your bed has incredible psychological benefits. Whenever I was going through a tough time, my dad’s first piece of advice was always “make your bed every morning.” I was excited to see this article on Twitter the other day (I forwarded it to my dad, and he wrote back, “Duh!”)

What to do when you gain weight

Thank you, THANK YOU, Brittany for this awesome, honest post. I definitely related to it, and it has some great sane, realistic tips for getting back on track.

How to not lose muscle mass while marathon training and this weekly running/strength splits schedule

I always maintain my strength training while training for a half marathon, but it can be sporadic. This weekly schedule really intrigued me, and I may incorporate something like that into my next round of half training (ummm, September? I’m on a running sabbatical right now).

– Two Bad Bodies Insta


Ummm hello, ladies. So fit. These girls post some really creative and super difficult-looking workouts!

Now, for the “not-so favorite” part. The idea came from Heather’s post – it got me thinking about the things I’m most afraid of (aka the Friday Anti-Favorites). Let me know if you feel me on any of these!

My biggest fears…


So, I was going to type “heights”, but that’s not exactly true. I don’t mind being up high, like in an airplane or even standing on a mountain, but I can NOT be near the edge of any high-up surface. It makes me want to drop to the ground and crawl away. I am terrified of standing near way high-up balconies (even if there’s a sturdy railing). I remember even being at the top of the Eiffel Tower in high school (you are completely closed in at the top like a cage), but I could not get near the edge of it! I don’t mind if I’m on the top floor of a tall building as long as there are solid walls surrounding me, it’s fine. No open-air edges for me though! I can’t EVEN tolerate looking at this…


Chicago, I’d love to visit you sometime. But this… absolutely not. (source)

– Tight or crowded spaces

Thinking about being trapped in a tight space or being in a really crowded area (not crowds like at a concert or bar, but like at the grocery store and I get trapped in an aisle and can’t move). I guess just being trapped in general is pretty horrifying to me. I’m totally an aisle-sitter wherever I go!


I guess there’s a plus-side to crowds?

– Blood draws

I am so awful with getting blood drawn or watching blood being drawn. If I just think about it too much, I will get lightheaded. Pretty bad for someone that works in a hospital, right? It really is inconvenient, since I have to leave the room if the nurse starts up with those dang needles. If I have to get blood drawn, someone has to go with me (because I tend to pass out), I lie down, talk incessantly/obnoxiously to the nurse to get my mind off of it, then immediately eat something or drink juice right after. Whew, what a wimp! And I do apologize, Blood Bank… I hope to one day not be such a wiener and donate to you.

– ET

Yes, as in the Extra Terrestrial. I used to have nightmares about him when I was younger, and he still terrifies me. I can’t watch the movie when it comes on TV! My roommate in college used to turn on the movie to scare me, another good friend of mine (JESSICA) used to try to dress up like him and make alien noises, AND one year my parents each gave me a copy of the ET limited edition movie for Christmas. Ugh. Bikes with baskets kind of creep me out too. And no, I don’t like Reese’s Pieces.

– Tiny clusters of holes

DON’T LOSE ME ON THIS ONE, PEOPLE! Hear me out. It’s a real thing, and it’s called trypophobia. Look it up. If I look it up (to make sure I’m spelling it right), I have to cover up the images that they sneak onto the search engine page (RUDE and SICK, search engine creators!). I’m not technically afraid of them, I guess, but my gosh, seeing anything like this makes my skin crawl. Wasp nests, honeycomb, those awful seed pods they throw into otherwise pretty flower arrangements (whichever florist thought of that idea should be fired)… ugh, I could literally throw up.

Ok, moving on… so glad I got that last one off my chest. 🙂

I am so readyyyy for the weekend! Lucky me, not working this weekend again, so time to put on my party pants (aka my PJ pants)! Any big plans this weekend? I’ll be hitting up some Pure Barre classes and hopefully some Mexican food. Happy Friday!


What is one of your biggest fears?

What song is getting you pumped to workout right now? I need suggestions, because I finally downloaded Spotify!

Do you have a go-to sushi order? I usually order edamame for the table myself, a house or seaweed salad, miso soup, and either the rainbow roll or a roll wrapped in cucumber, yum!

treadmill tabata + incline workout

Hello friends and Happy Friday to you! I was going to share an awesome circuit workout I did a few weeks ago today, but somehow after putting the written workout on my bed next to my laptop and then leaving the room, I lost it. I have literally looked everywhere (laundry, trash, a package I’m shipping…), but no luck! Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend, whew.

Instead, I’ll be sharing a treadmill interval workout that incorporates some tabata training. AND it’s only 20 minutes long. Stay tuned.

Wednesday night, I got to meet up with an old high school/college friend for happy hour. Alex was in town for work, so Brent and I met him at Jonathan’s Grille for ladies’ night.

unnamed (4)

this is exactly what the three of us looked like. SO MUCH FUN AND LAUGHTER.

We had a great time catching up and drinking double-pour wine at 4:00pm.

unnamed (3)

Jonathan’s doesn’t mess around with happy hour. I can’t even handle these pours.


Since I’m typing this post on Throwback Thursday, I thought you’d be interested to know that in college, for an All Sing charity, Alex and I recreated the Dirty Dancing dance for the entire campus (or at least it felt like the entire campus was there). It was one of my favorite memories from college, because we practiced SO much and I was SO nervous, but we pulled it off great! Maybe if you’re lucky (and if I can figure out the technology, so… fat chance) I’ll share the video some day.



So, let’s get into some Friday Favorites before I share the workout with you! Linking up with the lovely Heather today for #FFavorites!


Friday Favorites

– Preds win, you win

Every time the Nashville Predators win, you can get a free medium coffee at Dunkin Donuts using the app. The Preds win a LOT, so they give away a ton of coffee.


I always end up getting two coffees, so if you’re my favorite coworker of the day, you get a prize! Thank you, Preds. I will go to one of your games one day.

– Starbucks breakfast

Speaking of coffee, this breakfast from Starbucks hit the spot yesterday. This breakfast is nothing new to me, but it needs some recognition here on my Friday Favorites list.

unnamed (1)

swirling blonde roast. whoa.


spinach feta wrap. my favorite.

– wycwyc podcast

I have been loving this podcast lately. wycwyc stands for “What You Can When You Can” and I so believe in this concept. It presents healthy living in a balanced, non-stressful way. Life can throw curve balls at any time, and as long as you do your best (do what you can when you can) in the given moment/situation, then you are heading in the right direction. For example, when the gym was closed because of snow last week, I set up my yoga mat in my tiny room and did some YouTube videos; it may have not been a full-out calorie-blasting spin class at the gym, but at least I got myself moving. Healthy living is a balancing act, and I think aiming for perfection will set you up for failure.

I am super excited that there is a wycwyc book coming out soon! Pre-order it!!


– This treadmill workout. It’s an old workout I wrote up years ago, but the workout I did today from the Tone It Up weekly schedule kind of reminded me of it. It incorporates tabata (4 minutes of 20 seconds full effort, 10 seconds rest) and incline running. Inclines always get my heart rate up fast, even more so than speed work usually. Here you go!


During the tabata 10 second rest periods, I will carefully jump off the treadmill by placing my hands on the treadmill first, then hopping both feet apart to the sides of the treadmill to straddle the moving belt. Be careful hopping back on during the 20 second “on” periods! I won’t let go of the ‘mill with my hands until my feet are down and ready to take off running. Please adjust speeds as needed – don’t try to be a hero and end up flying off the back of the treadmill… do what works for you.

The incline part is a killer. It’s a gradual climb where you get a sort of “break” (ok, not really, because the incline is at 140935098%) to walk for 30 seconds and then run for 30 seconds. Don’t let the slower speeds fool you – the inclines increasing will have you almost running at your normal walking or slow jogging speeds. HAVE FUN!

– lululemon’s new arrivals

They just about gave me a heart attack yesterday morning. I have been very good about not getting worked up over lulu/I banned myself from the store. BUT, GUYS. Their new If You’re Lucky items are… I don’t have words. I pinned everything I want (find me on Pinterest here – let’s be friends and share things), so if anyone wants to buy me any of the following items, I will start giving you my free Dunkin Donuts coffee.



Ok, I’m glad I got that out. They are just so pretty… and I still don’t own pants with mesh detailing, and this is a major problem.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Any big plans? Brent and I were supposed to go away for a cabin weekend, but the snow in East Tennessee kind of messed up those plans!

unnamed (2)

Good job, Nashville snow! You stay on the trees and off of the road!!

Cancelled plans are always okay in my book though, and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend!


What are you loving this Friday?

Choose: treadmill hill or speed work??

Any other lululemon addicts reading? Let’s form a support group and save our money together.

Any snow where you are?

DIY: longer lashes

FRIDAY! We (almost) made it through Snowmaggedon. I say almost, because we are supposed to get more snow this afternoon, but, fingers crossed we won’t! I have really exciting plans with Mary tonight, so the snow better hold off or it will have two angry bloggers coming after it!

I have an awesome non-food recipe for you below, but, first, it’s time for Friday Favorites! Thanks to  Heather for hosting 🙂

Friday Favorites


  • Hemp seeds

I picked these babies up at Trader Joe’s this past Sunday and have been incorporating them into my oatmeal this week for some extra protein and sustenance! I need to find other ways to use it.

unnamed (28)

  • Miso ginger broth

Ohhhh my gosh. I am obsessed with miso soup at Japanese restaurants, so when I saw this at TJ’s I immediately slung it into my basket. I’ve been drinking a hot cup of it out of a coffee mug alongside my dinners this week, and it’s so delicious (and filling!). Perfect for these negative degrees days! I need to buy some tofu to cube up and throw in to make it like real miso soup. YUM.

unnamed (30)

My friend Parker bought me a bottle of this amazing lotion during her visit last weekend. I’m carrying it in my purse and using it all the time now! My favorite scent is lavender (my mom used to pick fresh lavender from her herb garden when I was little to help me fall asleep.. I’ve loved it ever since), so this was such a thoughtful gift from her. It’s definitely helping my cracking hands in this cold weather!


  • My Hot Chocolate race hoodie

Speaking of cold weather, this fleece hoodie has been perfect for wearing around the house this week. I love the pink detailing, and I ordered a size larger than I usually wear, so it’s extra cozy!



Look at that exploding pink puff detail on the hip… so stinkin’ cute.


And, yes, I wear my Pure Barre sticky socks around the house. Can’t risk falling in slippery socks on hardwood flooring (that’s an inpatient PT comment if I’ve ever heard one…). Safety first, people!

  • Lacrosse ball

Dear lacrosse ball, you hurt me and make me want to cry, but I love you so much. When foam rolling won’t do the trick (which is often) or when I can’t afford a deep tissue/trigger point massage session (which is always), I turn to this little yellow ball of pain. I usually use it to target tight, painful muscles in my upper back and my hips/butt area. Here’s a good article on how to use it for self-massage.


You can get your own torture device here. Have fun!

  • At-home workouts

I found a great appreciation for workout DVDs and YouTube workouts this week. With the icy conditions, the gym was closed most days, and there was no way in heck I was going to brave my garage for a workout, so I used a tiny bit of space in my room on a yoga mat to get my sweat on before work. I will probably resume my 4th week of Winter Shape Up workouts next week!


Thank you, ToneItUp channel for your assistance! And for making me jealous that I’m not working out on a beach.

  • New fitness challenges on the horizon

Speaking of workouts, since I’m finishing up the inspiring Winter Shape Up, I looked to an old favorite for some new motivation: Pure Barre! I’ve been waiting to buy a “new client” package (I haven’t purchased a package at a Nashville location yet) until the WSU was over, so my plan was to start March 1st with an unlimited month of classes. Low and behold, the Pure Madness challenge starts in March (March Madness, get it?!). You sign up with your local studio and try to complete at least 20 classes in 31 days (I apologize in advance for whining about how sore I am). You’re competing with all other Pure Barre studios also, so it’s ON.


sign up with your local studio here

And, what’s the best way to make sure I complete the challenge (besides my innate competitiveness)? An accountability partner!! It’s so great to have someone to check in with, to motivate and keep you on track. I was talking to my friend Natalie in Memphis (she is a Pure Barre QUEEN – and the cutest Pure Barre bride ever), and she also signed up!


HEY GIRL! Love that Tiger blue!

We will have to keep each other accountable from afar… but, it will help to have someone to commiserate with when I’m limping around in pain all day 🙂

DIY Eyelash Serum

So, I got this amazing idea from Lauryn at The Skinny Confidential. It’s a serum (that’s kind of a gross word) to grow longer eyelashes (or brows!). LIFE SAVER. I’ll be honest… I hate my eyelashes. Weird body part to hate, right? My lashes are pretty short and not-so voluminous (hence, my love for finding new mascara); I think some of that comes from when I was going through some anxiety at one point and was pulling out my eyelashes (for real. not cute). Anyyyyywho, I have full confidence in Lauryn’s suggestions, so I ordered up the ingredients to make this magic elixir.

unnamed (16)


  • coconut oil
  • almond oil
  • avocado oil
  • Jamaican black castor oil
  • some type of cosmetic tube/container
  • eyelash wand

I purchased everything on Amazon, and added a tube of clear Great Lash mascara to my cart.


  • if you’re using the mascara tube like I did, I took the wiping ring out with a pair of pliers (yes, I looked up the components of a mascara tube to name the “wiping ring”). Rinse out the clear mascara using hot water/Q-tips/whatever you can figure out. You’ll later pour the final mixture into the tube, then replace the wiping ring and mascara brush.
  • melt 1 tbsp coconut oil in a measuring cup with a spout (spout only if you’re pouring into a small tube/container – for accuracy)
  • add 1 tbsp of each: almond oil, avocado oil, Jamaican black castor oil
  • mix together and pour into tube/container
  • apply nightly



And now, we wait. I have used it two nights in a row now, and I have high hopes. I’ll keep you updated on my results (I know you can’t even stand this suspense).

A few things for you:

– FitFluential’s 5 poses for back pain – incredible! Need to do these more often with my 80-year-old back.

– Lindsay shares an ingenious idea on her blog: frozen spinach cubes –> doing this asap for smoothies!

– This article about a loyal dog visiting his owner in the hospital juuuust about made me cry. Dogs are so awesome.

What are your plans for the weekend? Pending the ice & snow onslaught, I have dinner plans tonight with Mary, my friend Hannah’s bachelorette party in town, and my roommates and I are throwing a DOUBLE baby shower on Sunday at our house! And I’m on call for work Saturday and praying that I won’t be needed.

Have a great weekend!!


Have you used hemp seeds in any recipes?

How are your eyelashes looking (looking…eyes…haha)? Ever used anything to grow your lashes?

Do you have an accountability partner for your workouts?

saying goodbye to my favorite friend (and other Friday Favorites)

Good morning and happy Friday the 13th to you! I want to share my Friday Favorites with you (linking up with Heather today —> if you haven’t checked out her new blog, get your butt over there now! She is awesome).

Before jumping into the usual-ish favorite stuff, I have to tell you… this week’s been pretty tough! My favorite little friend went to heaven on Wednesday.

unnamed (4)

Little Holly was rescued when she was about one month old. I was a senior in college at the time, and one of my friends brought her to the baseball field (where I was working a game). I immediately fell in love with her (one white paw, blue eyes!). I was living in the dorms with 3 other girls, and somehow I managed to raise a puppy there that semester!

unnamed (1)


My roommates were so great about letting me keep her there (even though she thought the neon green shag carpet in the bathroom was grass…oops!). We had a lot of adventures sneaking her around campus (in a Vera Bradley tote – she really was so tiny!).

unnamed (2)

Holly stuck with me through eight different moves during her 7 years here with us. She was my best little buddy! Even though she was a rescue, I think she rescued me more times than not 🙂 She always followed me around and made sure I was okay.

unnamed (5)

Holly was so full of life and energy (seriously, she could run for hours). It was because of this that I decided she should live with my parents while I was living in my apartment in Memphis. She was all cooped up, and my parents have the best back yard, and she was the happiest girl being there! I missed her, but she was always 10 minutes away, so I got to see her a lot. It was hard moving to Nashville and leaving her there, especially when we found out in November that she had cancer. It was a rare cancer, and it just wasn’t fair. But my parents took incredible care of her, paying for multiple tests and surgeries for her, staying at home with her to make sure she was eating (mom, you can leave the house now 🙂 ), and just keeping her happy and comfortable. I will never be able to thank them enough for this.

unnamed (3)

One of her favorite activities… water buffalo-style on the pool cover

She lived weeks longer than expected. She was a good little fighter! She was suffering though, so I am glad that she has some peace now. I know she is running free in dog heaven now and having a blast!

unnamed (6)

Miss you already, sweet girl!!

Friday Favorites

Ok, wiping my tears and moving on…


  • Sweethearts candy



I ate way too many of these little devils this week (well, just Tuesday), but they are my favorite Valentine candy! Yes they may taste like chalk a little bit, but I’ve always loved them.

  • Suja Essentials

Target always has the best deals on this delicious juice! I got 3 of them for $7.50 this week. I followed up the Sweethearts candy with this, because I felt the need to cleanse the system a  little after my sugar influx (sugar really does make you feel like crap… but it’s SO GOOD).


you saved me, Suja. Now can you please warm up my office?

I tried a new-to-me juice: sunset protein. It was the perfect mid-morning snack at work.

unnamed (4)

I feel like I could make this into a blended iced coffee beverage??

  • GOTR Valentines

I’m so happy I get to celebrate a few holidays while coaching Girls on the Run. It’s so fun to bring them little “happies” 🙂 I put them together to hand out at the end of practice (because, for real, all hell breaks loose if you hand out stuff before practice). I found some Valentine granola bars (a little healthier, right? I love the sprinkles!), Sweethearts candy (I saved enough for the girls, I promise), and Valentine-colored eraser rings.


They loved them! Plus, I got to say, “If you’re good, you will get a special surprise at the end of practice!” Worked like a charm.

I absolutely LOVE Lauryn Evarts. And I’m dying over her book (why am I just now reading it??), The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Fitness and Lifestyle Guide (get it here). It’s so cool reading what my favorite fitness gurus do on the daily and learning their tips/advice, as you can see with my favorite fit books. Well, add this one to the list! Lauryn does share her fitness tips, but I think the best parts of the book are the diet and beauty sections. She recommends eating clean, whole foods and staying away from processed sh*t (she drops that word a lot in her book, which I appreciated); she also promotes not cutting out your favorite “bad” foods completely, but rather, portion controlling those foods. The first page of the food section mentions something about Cheez Its… Lauryn, you get me, be my best friend.

unnamed (2)

And her beauty advice is insanely great. This girl has some fabulous DIY treatments. And the best thing for your skin (which I have always agreed with) –> hydrate and eat clean! So simple. Processed foods suck the life out of your skin and make you break out… ok, I’m done.

  • Tone It Up binders


I have been undertaking some serious organization projects. This one involved hole-punching and binding my TIU Nutrition Plans. Once you join, you get all of the updates to the meal plans and bonuses like their 7 Day Slim Down. I re-printed the original plan and the superfoods plans, bought some cute colored binders, and now I can sleep better at night.

  • Valentine’s date night

unnamed (3)

This is Brent and my first Valentine’s Day together! I know, I know, cheesy as crap, right? I have a friend coming in town this weekend for the Hot Chocolate race (my Galentine), so we celebrated our Valentine’s last night. The National Spinal Cord Injury Association was putting on a Valentine’s Social/Dinner, so we swung by there before dinner for a drink and to see my coworkers. I had made dinner reservations at Adele’s (<–30 before 30 restaurant! Score!). Loved it!

unnamed (1)

We split the bruschetta to start, then Brent had the pork chop, and I went with lentil soup (I was so cold.. this helped!) and a salad with shaved brussel sprouts. The entree pictures turned out too dark though. We also exchanged our Valentine’s gifts. I tricked Brent with a prank box (really I gave him a new Tervis water bottle).


18’ wide, multi-person Snuggie?! YES.

He gave me a Starbucks gift card and this amazing, heavy-duty 3-hole puncher. The hole punch I used to do the TIU binders is broken, and it took me forever to complete my binder project (and I think it mostly drove Brent a little crazy, haha).


We really know how to do romance. Nailed it.

  • CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom mascara

Soooo, I bought this because Katy Perry told me to.


I am always on the hunt for new mascaras that aren’t terribly expensive (or clumpy. I hate you, clumps). This mascara is AMAZING! And it washes off easily too.

  • Fancy water bottles


Aren’t they beautiful!? It’s a wonder I haven’t broken the barre3 one yet. The lululemon ones are a little safer since they are protected with those pretty rubber designed covers. I fill a few of these bottles and keep them in the fridge, so I have lots of cold water on hand at all times when I’m home.

Any plans this weekend? I am running the Hot Chocolate 15K tomorrow morning. It’s supposed to be about 14 degrees, so that should be fun. My friend Parker gets in town after work (she and Brent are running the 5K tomorrow), and we have some fun dinner plans tonight! Hope you have a great weekend… stay warm!


What’s your favorite mascara?

Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) plans?

What/who was your favorite pet?

Fit Wish List

Hello and happy Friday!


Since I’ve been coaching Girls on the Run, I have been keeping my eye out for some running clothes for chilly temperatures that would last me into the spring. We got to go outside for our practice on Wednesday, and since I was handing out lap counters (we used pieces of pink ribbon to count how many laps they ran), I got a little cold despite the warmer-ish weather (aka not 30*). I wanted to put together a post on my favorite wish list finds (plus some other things that have been on my “fit list” for awhile) in honor of Friday Favorites! #FFavorites


V420350_OM_F Victoria’s Secret Funnel-Neck Pullover (in Seychelles)


Fabletics Salar Legging (in Impulse Print Pink)


Athleta Sentry Hoodie Sweatshirt (in Coralade)


lululemon Think Fast Pullover (in Heathered Herringbone) –> I would legit live in this!


Shop Betches You Can’t Spin With Us Flowy Tank –> I’ve been wanting this for months, but it always sells out of my size so fast!


Lorna Jane Amy F/L Tight (in Char Marl) –> for some reason, I have no gray leggings..and it’s my favorite color!


Athleta 811 Training Shoe by New Balance (in Shimmer/Sapphire/Coralade) –>DYING over these shoes! They may be #1 on my list.


Athleta Rally Up Crew (in Fire Red) –>ON SALE!


Zella ‘Live In’ Cosmic Space Dye Leggings –> NEED!! A LOT!


Missguided Active Contrast Gym Leggings –> $28?! Are you kidding me?!

mpinkhearts__75434.1422457518.1280.1280 mpinkhearts2__75011.1422457519.1280.1280

ProCompression Marathon Pink Hearts –> Adorable! Sock of the month, 40% off 🙂

MORE Friday Faves!

I knew that volunteering as a coach with GOTR would be a rewarding experience. I didn’t know that after just two practices how much I would love it! I am looking forward to each practice so much and enjoy just preparing for each lesson. It’s so fun to see the girls’ personalities shining through already! I have to be highly energetic around them, encouraging them and smiling a lot… how could I not be in a great mood after working with them?? On Wednesday we talked about unplugging the negative thoughts in our mind (telling ourselves we aren’t good enough) and plugging in positive ones; some days it may be hard to keep the positive thoughts flowing, so we have to look out for each other and help others unplug the negative thoughts (wouldn’t it be great if everyone did this instead of putting others down??). These lessons don’t just pertain to the girls – coaches need these lessons too 🙂


Sparkles always help! (source)

  • These snacks I found at work


VANILLA CUPCAKE Goldfish! They aren’t too sweet either.


The best trail mix ever invented, no lie. Get to Costco asap and purchase.

  • My aminos

I love love love my aminos drink. I usually will drink it in the morning before a workout involving HIIT or weight lifting. It definitely gives me some extra energy at 5am, plus it tastes awesome and gives me something to look forward to in the morning (hey, whatever gets me to the gym, right?). I just finished up my tub of blue raspberry (delicious, and no, it doesn’t turn your mouth blue), and, just in time, I received the green apple flavor in the mail! Can’t wait to try it.


These are the things that excite me. AMINOS!

  • Jimmy Fallon’s Saved by the Bell Reunion

Ok, so you’ve probably all seen this by now, but my sister sent it to me yesterday morning, and it made me so happy. I think Slater looks even better now than he did back then! Belding does not.

I’m so excited! How have you all not aged?!

  • 6 Things Everyone Living with a ‘Friends’ Fan Has to Deal With

This article just really described my life (I am the ‘fan’… everyone else has to deal with me).

This girls knows what’s up. Even if you’re not the hippied-out, meditating yoga type, give these a try! I listened to one on anxiety the other night when my mind was racing (while I was trying to fall asleep… what’s new!), and it really calmed me down. Her voice is soothing, and she just seems like a cool, peaceful person I’d totally want to hang out with. (Sorry for all of the sentence-ending prepositions.. if my grandmother were reading this, she would hold me down while my 6th grade English teacher beat me). I definitely want to order her Body Peace guide soon. Has anyone read it??


  • My sister’s Save the Date

This little gem  came in the mail today, and if you follow me on Insta, you know how excited I was to receive it!!


Are they not the cutest??

Hope you all have a GREAT Friday!! I have a crazy awesome HIIT & full-body strength workout planned for this morning (in honor of the new aminos!) that I will share soon 🙂


 Any plans for the weekend? I am hoping to get a spin class in Saturday, followed by a baby shower, a basketball game and dinner with the bro!

Do you ever meditate?

What is on your Fit List??

Spinach & Kale Chicken Salad

It’s Friday, people!



Time for some Friday Favorites!



  • TGIT is back

Thank goodness for the return of Olivia Pope in my life! Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder are my Thursday night staples, and I have missed them.


This is my Olivia Pope wine glass. I won’t let anyone touch it, but you can get your own here.


  • Michael Hyatt podcasts



I had first heard of Michael Hyatt from my favorite Chalene Show podcast. I’ve really been enjoying his podcasts (there are a TON of them to catch up on). He is super motivating and has great advice on taking charge of your life and living it happily and productively. Plus, he’s a Nashvillian!

  • Girls On The Run

Last night, I got to pick up my stuff to start coaching GOTR! My first practice is Monday, and I’m so excited (and nervous!). I’ll be coaching 3rd-5th graders… any tips for this age group?? 🙂

unnamed (1)

  • Panera Bread broth bowls

Ohhh man. When I saw that my continuing education class was within walking distance of a Panera, I left my packed lunch at home, because I could not miss a broth bowl opportunity. I got the same Soba Noodle bowl with edamame that I got on Monday.


This one was even better because I got a bigger piece of bread than last time! Ok, it was almost a loaf.

  • Finishing my book


I highly recommend The Book Thief! I finally finished it on my flights to and from New Orleans this weekend and loved it. Up next, I’m reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes… anyone read it??

  • This chicken salad


Ingredients: Trader Joe’s “just Chicken”, handful of chopped broccoli slaw, 1/2 chopped cucumber, 1 cup TJ’s Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip, 1/2 cup almonds (I broke them up by smashing them with the bottom of a cup), a few shakes of garlic powder, a few grinds of TJ’s garlic salt (very specific measurements)



I’ve been putting a (large) scoop of this chicken salad on top of raw spinach. Chicken salad on a salad!


I think Sugar by Maroon 5 is my new favorite. Hart and I sang it all weekend in New Orleans, and I’ve still been listening to it/working out to it ever since. Adam is so great. And this video is ADORABLE.

  • Workout 1 from the Winter Shape Up

Hooray for weight workouts! I knew Gina would come through with some awesome strength workouts for me with this year’s WSU. As I said at the beginning of the year, I want to get back to lifting heavier weights this year, and this workout was perfect! It also incorporated tabata training, so it kicked my butt. I used 12 and 15 lb dumbbells.



Click here to check out Workout 1.



What are your plans for the weekend? I’m working YAY 😦 My sister and her fiance are in town, so I hope to see them. I also have a lunch planned with friends from Memphis on Sunday!


Do you like big dogs or little dogs better?