Hi, friends! Sorry I disappeared again, but, no worries, I’ll catch you up to speed here. Taking another week off of blogging called for an official blog-ervention (and brunch, duh) with my friend Mary. We met for an early brunch today at The Southern. I’ve heard such great things about their brunch, and it is on my 30 before 30 list, so it was an easy choice!


Mary had never been to The Southern either, and we had a great time catching up while eating this beauty (we both ordered the Southern Fried Egg Sandwich because great minds think alike). It really hit the spot!


Thanks for the blog-ervention, Mary! You’re the best, because you hang out with me even if I have post-Pure Barre greasy hair.


stolen from Mary’s Insta.. such a pretty, sunny day!

– Eating lately…


Broccoli, mushroom and spinach pizza from Soulshine

 unnamed (2)

Tostadas from Rock Bottom Brewery


Sweet potato chips with blue cheese dip from Tavern

 unnamed (1)

Champagne from…everywhere


I cooked tilapia ($2.99!!) topped with pineapple sweet onion salsa from Whole Foods with broccolini

– Sweating lately…

All Pure Barre, all the time. I am just 2 classes away from hitting my 20th class this month!! Stole this pic from my studio’s Instagram. I’m near the window in the pink/gray top dying from the 90 second plank.


AND I LOVE IT. I’ll be sad when my unlimited month is finished 😦


Finally made it out to Percy Warner park for some biking action. Brent and I went last weekend… those hills were killer!


– Friends lately…

My friend Lauren was in town last weekend (we worked together in Memphis), so we planned a fun Saturday with Stephanie (also worked with us in Memphis and now she’s my coworker again in Nashville! They couldn’t keep us apart for too long…).


At Rock Bottom Brewery

We then went to see a Predator’s game! I haven’t been to a hockey game since I was younger, and it was a blast!


Found another fellow therapist to hang out with after the game at Rippy’s


And found a friend there that I’ve known since fetal age!

unnamed (3)

My friend Jessica (she was my little sister in our college sorority) got engaged Friday and after she and her fiance flew into Nashville, we had a celebration at Bar Louie!




– Movies and TV (=life) lately…

Ummm, Milo and Otis was on last weekend. Win.


Went to the movies with a coworker this past week to see Cinderella. It was incredible… I felt like a a little kid and was in such a great mood after the movie. So cute. Did you know that medium Diet Cokes at the movies are actually 7,000 ounces?? I was way too caffeinated watching the little mice and fairy godmothers run around on the screen.


And, yes, I’m still addicted to watching Parenthood on Netflix, and I just found out that season 2 of Southern Charm on Bravo started a couple weeks ago. Brent is now re-watching season 1 with me…what a guy.

Well, that was scattered. I apologize. But not really, because this is how my mind works.

It’s Easter week! Any plans coming up? I have a 4-day work week (we don’t get an Easter holiday, so I’m using a vacay day… SACRILEGE) and heading out of town to visit Brent’s family for the weekend! I’ll check back in mid-week with some eats (and an awesome smoothie recipe – it has caffeine in it yay!!). Have a great rest of your Sunday!


Are you a Milo and Otis fan?

What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Did you know it costs like $12 to see a matinee??

Did you brunch this weekend?

Green stuff + What I Ate Wednesday

Good morning! Just wanted you to know that this is the cardio workout I’ll be doing this morning…

How was your St. Patrick’s Day? I participated in green-wearing three ways (besides being green and taking my recycling out to the curb):

1. Wore green to Pure Barre (yes, it’s green… mint green… whatever)


Hey guys… just me sitting here creeping since I arrive everywhere 6 hours too early..

2. Green aminos with a green watch


this stuff keeps me alive

3. Hulk gloves

I think my patients really appreciated me wearing these around today. It was hard to type up my notes though.


Anywho, how great is this weather?? My Girls on the Run team was pretty stoked to be outside for the entire practice Monday (until they complained it was too hot…). I brought them bananas for our pre-practice snack, and they went bananas over them.


what if all bananas came with these positive affirmations on them??

Brent and I also got out for a walk after work. So nice. And I found this bunny.



Now, back to our regularly scheduled What I Ate Wednesday!



Protein pancake topped with cottage cheese & strawberries


Thought it would be fun to show you what my lunch looks like packed up before I assemble it at work!


1 slice Ezekiel bread topped with spinach, tuna salad, tomato slice + 1/2 avocado with TJ’s garlic salt. Side of grapes.

Kidding. I totally forgot to take a picture at lunch yesterday, so you get plastic bag pictures today.



Kroger brand protein bar. 89 cents, score.

Also had some hummus + baby carrots when I got home from work.



black bean quinoa burger on top of red sauce + zoodles, topped with mushrooms. Holyyyy yum.

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!!

❤ Lady runners and spa lovers…check back in on Friday for a fun announcement and discount code!!


What did you eat today?

Any St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? Did you wear green to work?

Do you tend to arrive places too late or too early?

Where have I been?

I’m not sure. I needed a little bloggy break apparently, but I’m back 🙂 How are YOU? I am loving this Sunday sunshine!! Big upgrade from all the rain we’ve had lately (maybe that’s why I wasn’t blogging?? Cuddling up with Netflix was much needed after work this week).


That’s right… iced coffee weather. Hooray! My weekend started off with coffee too (the hot kind). My student’s last day was Friday, so I showered my coworkers with coffee blessings.


And I know what’s been on your mind… what in the world has Karina been eating for breakfast this week?? Well, I didn’t hold out on you, and I managed to take a picture of one meal this week!


banana, coffee, Ezekiel bread with homemade raspberry chia jam (for real – will share this easy ass recipe soon) & an egg

Friday evening, Brent and I met my brother for dinner. Yes, he exists, and we live in the same city yet never see each other. Need to up my sibling game!


We went to M.L. Rose for dinner and drinks while watching some basketball. I had some vino and the chef salad.


Chicken, avocado, egg, tomato, blue cheese, Brent’s pickles he gifted me (true love) with red wine vinaigrette (because 2 glasses isn’t enough)


So happy he’s back in town after this week. This is my unwashed hair/post-Pure Barre look

Speaking of Pure Barre… the challenge is going great! It hurts so bad, but I’m re-addicted to this wonderful workout. I’ve taken 9 classes so far (I cancelled today’s class while I was in line for a port-a-potty, beer in hand last night… oops). The new studio they opened in Nashville is gorgeous, and I want to live there. See, I even got my lucky number locker!


After class yesterday, I headed to Portland Brew with Brent for a coffee date. We did this last Saturday, too, so I wanted to recreate last weekend since I didn’t tell you about it.


Nonfat latte and a PUPPY

I was starving after Pure Barre, coffee date and grocery shopping (what a tough morning, right?). My friend Whitney texted me, and we made lunch plans! Here’s my St. Patrick’s Day weekend outfit… I get credit for green pants, right? Rainy day hair is the best.


I’ve been to Blvd a couple times for drinks, and always thought their menu looked good, so we headed there to try it out!


Why are your glasses so cute!!!

Whitney recently got engaged, so we had a great time catching up on the proposal story and wedding details. I had a couple mimosas and to eat, the quinoa falafel on a multigrain wrap with a side kale salad. Highly recommend this place… I need to try their brunch sometime!


Post-girly lunch, we regrouped, got the boys to put on some green, and headed to South Street. They had some of the garage doors opened upstairs, and it got me really excited for some warmer weather!


In fun mom fashion, I packed a bottle of green food dye to up the festivity of our beverages. The bartender was rather confused when she turned around and all of the beers were green. That’s right, MAGIC.


I am SO much fun… don’t you want to hang out with me? I’ll bring a different color with me next time.

We old folks were in the spirit, so we hung out at a St. Patrick’s Day party at the Greenhouse (remember when I tried to go there a couple weekend ago, and I thought it was abandoned? Well, it’s not). It was college party-style packed. Nappy Roots was there apparently, but I never saw them. It was a really cool place though! I loved all of the twinkle lights, and they had a huge tent in the back too.


Food was needed after our big party night, so Mexican it was! After shoving chips and salsa in my face, I had the chicken taco salad.


I think I made it through 2 sips of that margarita up there in the corner

Here’s what I’ve been doing workout-wise the past 2 weeks…

Weekly Workouts:



30min elliptical


Pure Barre


30min spin bike


OFF (snow)


Pure Barre


Pure Barre


Pure Barre



30min elliptical


Pure Barre


30min treadmill run (1.5mi @6.5mph, .5mi 4.0mph + 8% incline, .5mi @ 8.0mph)


Pure Barre


30min spin bike in the AM, Pure Barre in the PM


Pure Barre



Sunday Meal Prep:


– roasted kale


– protein pancakes (1/4c egg whites, 1/2 mashed banana, cinnamon, 1/4c oats, 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein)

– green smoothies (spinach, almond milk, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, 1 frozen banana)

– tuna salad (tuna, Nayonaise – yes that’s a thing, garlic powder, celery salt, dill weed)

– mushrooms

– spiralized sweet potato

– black bean quinoa burgers

So, these burgers are delicious. Mine didn’t stay together all that well, but it still worked.


– 2 cups black beans, mashed

– 1 cup cooked quinoa

– garlic powder

– 1/4c hummus (I used a Greek style flavored hummus)

– 1/2c feta

– 1/2c oats

– 1/2 onion, diced

After mashing up the black beans, add the other ingredients and mix well. Shape into patties and bake for ~20 minutes at 400* (flip them halfway through).


Took a break from cooking for lunch at Kay Bob’s


Lady Lynn (black bean hummus – I see a theme recurring today) with a side of fruit

annnnd, Sunday Funday oysters and drinks at Urban Grub!



Dinner… served the black bean burgers topped with mushrooms, over kale, with sweet potato curly fries on the side!


Happy Sunday!


Do you eat oysters?

Any St. Patty’s Day celebrations?

Did you miss me?? Good, because I missed you.

egg waffles + pure madness

Hi! Happy March! It’s been a productive little Sunday over here. I took my first Pure Barre class of the #PureMadness challenge, and ohhh man, I’m already sore.


It felt so good to be back at the barre. Love the burn. I fueled up for class beforehand with a protein pancake (1/2 mashed banana, 1/2 scoop Designer Whey vanilla, 1/4 cup egg whites), and today, I added a small smear of coconut oil on top. I don’t know why I hadn’t ever tried this before… so delicious and filling!


How adorable is that coffee mug? I received it as a hostess gift from the baby shower I helped throw last weekend. It’s the perfect size, and I love the monogram.

After Pure Barre, I hobbled my shaky legs over to WhichWich for my favorite Lettucewich!


I have been prepping my food for the week this afternoon and sipping more coffee! I just love Sundays.

unnamed (5)

Speaking of sausage, I made an awesome breakfast this weekend, thanks to Lindsay! Brent and I had a quiet evening in on Friday watching the Grizzlies game with all the snacks.




After. So fancy, right?


Drinking Saturday Night Red on a FRIDAY. Wild.

I rocked my new Grizzlies shirt that my future brother-in-law gave me for Christmas. Love it.


Ok, sorry, back to the waffles. This recipe was super easy and delicious! Cleaning up the waffle iron was a lot easier than making actual waffles too, which I appreciated.


For 2 waffles, I used:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 Trader Joe’s Maple Chicken breakfast sausages (browned on the stove then chopped up)
  • 1/2 diced Roma tomato
  • TJ’s Lite Mexican cheese blend
  • Egg whites – I added this after the mixture was on the waffle iron until the iron was covered enough

I added 1/2 of the mixture to the waffle iron, added some egg whites, spread the ingredients around evenly, and let it cook! Voila!


Fabulous breakfast. Brent enjoyed it too! The maple chicken sausage was a great idea – I had never bought this kind before. I think buying pre-crumbled turkey sausage would be easier for next time, though. AND I think adding some kind of sweet potato hash on the side would be just lovely. 🙂

Before whipping up the waffles, I got to watch some seriously great Saturday morning television. I watched a couple episodes of The Hills on demand



So worthless. I love that show. After I caught up with Justin Bobby and company, I flipped over to do some serious infomercial watching. I could watch those fitness infomercials for hours. I’ve seen all of them already, too, but I still rewatch them. I should learn to sleep in on the weekends.

Moving on with Saturday, Brent and I grabbed lunch at Edley’s BBQ. My first time there! I ordered the Southern Salad with turkey, minus the bacon. And I gave Brent my croutons. The smoked gouda cheese on there was on point. Yum.


We tried to go to this cute bar called Green House (it actually is a green house), but it seemed abandoned… I did get a picture to show you how pretty the weather was! Always nice to see some sunshine.


let me in!!

We found a fine second choice though and sat down at the bar at Blvd. The bartender convinced me to try his special champagne concoction as opposed to a regular mimosa (he probably thought it was a safe bet to ask me after I ordered it “light on the orange juice”). He called it a Roosevelt: sparkling rose, grapefruit juice & sloe gin. At first, I said no, since gin and I don’t really agree with each other (mostly because of a certain night in college involving gin and me dressed up as one of the Brokeback Mountain cowboys..yeaaaah, anyway..), but he explained that sloe gin is more of a plum-flavored liqueur similar to Chambord. I’m always on-board with Cham-bord, so I gave it a go! It was super refreshing and PINK. Prettyyy!


I wanted another cocktail when I got home, so I made this drink I’ve been dying to try!


Champagne + kombucha (I used the Guava flavor – incredible). It’s basically a health drink.


New besties.

Dinner was at Mafiaoza’s. It’s one of my favorites and always reminds me of my & Brent’s first date (AWWWWWWWW!). Started with the bruschette (they were huge!).


Then I had a slice of pizza with broccoli and mushrooms. So cheesy and wonderful.

unnamed (1)

Now that you’ve taken in all of those calories via your eyeballs, I’ll share the workouts I did this week!

Weekly Workouts


Sculpt routine from Beach Babe DVD


Back workout (lat pulldown, rows, etc)

45-min spin class


Winter Shape Up workout #1


Tone It Up treadmill workout


Tone It Up beach yoga & inner & outer thighs


OFF/walked from the car to restaurants & bars


Pure Barre

Weekly Prep


Everything white & green!

– Green beans (roasted with minced garlic cloves & salt)

– Roasted kale

– Green juices (1 cucumber, spinach, juice from 1 lemon, 3 kiwis, 1 serving TJ’s cucumber water all blended together and distributed into 3 jars)

– Shredded chicken (cooked in the crockpot with chicken broth, oregano, garlic)

– Hard-boiled eggs – You guys. I went 12 for 12 with successfully peeling my hard-boiled eggs today!! That NEVER HAPPENS. It’s going to be a great week.

– Pureed cauliflower


The pureed cauliflower is new to me! It’s supposed to be like a healthier version of mashed potatoes, and I love it. A lot. First, I boiled one head of cauliflower (I chopped it up into florets) until soft.


Then, into the blender, along with a little unsweetened almond milk, salt, pepper and garlic powder.


I am in serious need of a food processor. My wimpy blender did the trick though!

I’ve got some good eats lined up for the week! But, for dinner tonight, I needed more pizza. I decided to make a less greasy version tonight.


Zucchini pizza boats! I sliced each zucchini in half, scooped out some of the middle and added some TJ’s pizza sauce.


Left to right: add sauce, add sliced tomato, add cheese (TJ’s Lite Mexican blend), top with roasted mushrooms and Italian seasoning. Pop them in the oven at 350* for about 20 minutes or so (I should have left mine in a little longer – the zucchini wasn’t as soft as I’d like it!). EAT.


Probably going to make some more homemade frozen yogurt to go along with The Walking Dead tonight. Anyone else watch it? It’s a little unsettling to watch right before bed, so I usually read blogs during it 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend!!

—> Since it’s March, I updated my 30 before 30 list!


Have you ever made pureed cauliflower?

What did you do all weekend? Drink any champagne?

Am I the only one that watches infomercials?? What’s your favorite one?

DIY: longer lashes

FRIDAY! We (almost) made it through Snowmaggedon. I say almost, because we are supposed to get more snow this afternoon, but, fingers crossed we won’t! I have really exciting plans with Mary tonight, so the snow better hold off or it will have two angry bloggers coming after it!

I have an awesome non-food recipe for you below, but, first, it’s time for Friday Favorites! Thanks to  Heather for hosting 🙂

Friday Favorites


  • Hemp seeds

I picked these babies up at Trader Joe’s this past Sunday and have been incorporating them into my oatmeal this week for some extra protein and sustenance! I need to find other ways to use it.

unnamed (28)

  • Miso ginger broth

Ohhhh my gosh. I am obsessed with miso soup at Japanese restaurants, so when I saw this at TJ’s I immediately slung it into my basket. I’ve been drinking a hot cup of it out of a coffee mug alongside my dinners this week, and it’s so delicious (and filling!). Perfect for these negative degrees days! I need to buy some tofu to cube up and throw in to make it like real miso soup. YUM.

unnamed (30)

My friend Parker bought me a bottle of this amazing lotion during her visit last weekend. I’m carrying it in my purse and using it all the time now! My favorite scent is lavender (my mom used to pick fresh lavender from her herb garden when I was little to help me fall asleep.. I’ve loved it ever since), so this was such a thoughtful gift from her. It’s definitely helping my cracking hands in this cold weather!


  • My Hot Chocolate race hoodie

Speaking of cold weather, this fleece hoodie has been perfect for wearing around the house this week. I love the pink detailing, and I ordered a size larger than I usually wear, so it’s extra cozy!



Look at that exploding pink puff detail on the hip… so stinkin’ cute.


And, yes, I wear my Pure Barre sticky socks around the house. Can’t risk falling in slippery socks on hardwood flooring (that’s an inpatient PT comment if I’ve ever heard one…). Safety first, people!

  • Lacrosse ball

Dear lacrosse ball, you hurt me and make me want to cry, but I love you so much. When foam rolling won’t do the trick (which is often) or when I can’t afford a deep tissue/trigger point massage session (which is always), I turn to this little yellow ball of pain. I usually use it to target tight, painful muscles in my upper back and my hips/butt area. Here’s a good article on how to use it for self-massage.


You can get your own torture device here. Have fun!

  • At-home workouts

I found a great appreciation for workout DVDs and YouTube workouts this week. With the icy conditions, the gym was closed most days, and there was no way in heck I was going to brave my garage for a workout, so I used a tiny bit of space in my room on a yoga mat to get my sweat on before work. I will probably resume my 4th week of Winter Shape Up workouts next week!


Thank you, ToneItUp channel for your assistance! And for making me jealous that I’m not working out on a beach.

  • New fitness challenges on the horizon

Speaking of workouts, since I’m finishing up the inspiring Winter Shape Up, I looked to an old favorite for some new motivation: Pure Barre! I’ve been waiting to buy a “new client” package (I haven’t purchased a package at a Nashville location yet) until the WSU was over, so my plan was to start March 1st with an unlimited month of classes. Low and behold, the Pure Madness challenge starts in March (March Madness, get it?!). You sign up with your local studio and try to complete at least 20 classes in 31 days (I apologize in advance for whining about how sore I am). You’re competing with all other Pure Barre studios also, so it’s ON.


sign up with your local studio here

And, what’s the best way to make sure I complete the challenge (besides my innate competitiveness)? An accountability partner!! It’s so great to have someone to check in with, to motivate and keep you on track. I was talking to my friend Natalie in Memphis (she is a Pure Barre QUEEN – and the cutest Pure Barre bride ever), and she also signed up!


HEY GIRL! Love that Tiger blue!

We will have to keep each other accountable from afar… but, it will help to have someone to commiserate with when I’m limping around in pain all day 🙂

DIY Eyelash Serum

So, I got this amazing idea from Lauryn at The Skinny Confidential. It’s a serum (that’s kind of a gross word) to grow longer eyelashes (or brows!). LIFE SAVER. I’ll be honest… I hate my eyelashes. Weird body part to hate, right? My lashes are pretty short and not-so voluminous (hence, my love for finding new mascara); I think some of that comes from when I was going through some anxiety at one point and was pulling out my eyelashes (for real. not cute). Anyyyyywho, I have full confidence in Lauryn’s suggestions, so I ordered up the ingredients to make this magic elixir.

unnamed (16)


  • coconut oil
  • almond oil
  • avocado oil
  • Jamaican black castor oil
  • some type of cosmetic tube/container
  • eyelash wand

I purchased everything on Amazon, and added a tube of clear Great Lash mascara to my cart.


  • if you’re using the mascara tube like I did, I took the wiping ring out with a pair of pliers (yes, I looked up the components of a mascara tube to name the “wiping ring”). Rinse out the clear mascara using hot water/Q-tips/whatever you can figure out. You’ll later pour the final mixture into the tube, then replace the wiping ring and mascara brush.
  • melt 1 tbsp coconut oil in a measuring cup with a spout (spout only if you’re pouring into a small tube/container – for accuracy)
  • add 1 tbsp of each: almond oil, avocado oil, Jamaican black castor oil
  • mix together and pour into tube/container
  • apply nightly



And now, we wait. I have used it two nights in a row now, and I have high hopes. I’ll keep you updated on my results (I know you can’t even stand this suspense).

A few things for you:

– FitFluential’s 5 poses for back pain – incredible! Need to do these more often with my 80-year-old back.

– Lindsay shares an ingenious idea on her blog: frozen spinach cubes –> doing this asap for smoothies!

– This article about a loyal dog visiting his owner in the hospital juuuust about made me cry. Dogs are so awesome.

What are your plans for the weekend? Pending the ice & snow onslaught, I have dinner plans tonight with Mary, my friend Hannah’s bachelorette party in town, and my roommates and I are throwing a DOUBLE baby shower on Sunday at our house! And I’m on call for work Saturday and praying that I won’t be needed.

Have a great weekend!!


Have you used hemp seeds in any recipes?

How are your eyelashes looking (looking…eyes…haha)? Ever used anything to grow your lashes?

Do you have an accountability partner for your workouts?

revisiting pure barre

Oh maaan. I forgot how hard Pure Barre is! photo 2I have been dreaming about Pure Barre again (it goes in waves… workout ADD), and I saw there was a Sunday morning class and went for it. I haven’t been to a class in over a year (I used to do it off & on in Memphis for about 3 years), and my legs and abs are DEAD. It was so awesome being back though… I’ve missed it!


Before class, I headed to TJ’s to stock up on groceries. I went in without a plan (FAIL) and ended up with all of this:

IMG_0007cottage cheese, you go up front because you’re my favorite

So, we will see how this all comes together this week 🙂  I’ll have to cook something reeeeal special for The Bachelor premier tomorrow! Anyone else excited?? I liked Chris the Farmer a lot on the last season… but, let’s be real, if you win this season you have to go live on a farm. Don’t know if I could do it! Sorry, Chris.


I see you.

Let’s recap the weekend!

Friday night, I wanted to cross another restaurant off my my 30 before 30 list (keep reading for an update on that, too!), so Brent and I headed to Whiskey Kitchen. There was a 45-minute wait for two people (at 6:15?!), so we cozied up at the bar.

photo 1I had the Ahi Ponzu Wrap. I absolutely love rare tuna, so this dish hit the spot (and went with my champagne nicely).

 IMG_0002I actually ended up making a huge mess and deconstructing my wrap to make a salad. Ahi tuna in a wheat wrap just weirded me out for some reason.

Saturday morning, I had all intentions of doing a long-ish run (again, I don’t really make plans when I run) and was shooting for 8-10 miles. Well, I apparently headed out too late and a couple miles in, I was being pelted by rain and gale force winds (a little dramatic, but it made those Nashville hills 10x harder). I wasn’t really feeling like being a hero, so I looped back home with a total of 3 miles… Only 7 short… The New Orleans Half should go swimmingly 🙂 I followed up my run with the Beach Bum workout from ToneItUp’s Beach Babe DVD. Doing that workout and Pure Barre on back-to-back days is going to make spin class reeeal fun tomorrow!

After my failed training run, I got ready to meet Brent’s brother and sister-in-law for the first time. We spent the day brunching (Tavern, duh), exchanging Christmas gifts, watching football at a sports bar and finishing the day off at Brixx for dinner. They just came in town for the day, but it was fun to spend that time with them. And I hope they were impressed with my mimosa-drinking skills… it’s impressive, really.



30 Before 30


I updated the 30 Before 30 page today! I think I’m off to a good start.


Checked off another movie today too… Brent and I watched The King’s Speech while eating dinner. I had watched about half of this movie over a year ago, and I’ve never finished it! I just love Colin Firth. Although I will always think of him as Mr. Darcy.

mr-darcy2Yes, Mr. Darcy, that’s ok. (source)

On to that dinner…

Tempeh stir fry with kale

Well, my random TJ’s trip proved useful. I was craving a lot of veggies and came up with this vegetarian stir fry meal. I wasn’t sure what Brent would think about the tempeh, but he ended up loving it! I love the texture of it. The other star of the meal was my beloved aminos.


Started off by sauteing broccoli florets and mushrooms with ginger powder, garlic powder and salt.


Next up, I cooked some kale (isn’t it pretty!) with the same seasonings, plus some aminos.


I had marinated the tempeh in aminos for about an hour before cooking it (it takes on any flavor really well like tofu). I sliced it into sticks (for lack of a better word) and cooked it on both sides until slightly browned.


For a side salad, I used TJ’s chopped veggie mix + their soy ginger dressing. SO easy.





Perfect end to the weekend! Hope you have a great Monday 🙂



Are you a tempeh eater?

Watching The Bachelor tomorrow?? I have champagne and snacks for the premiere. #loser

Do you incorporate barre workouts into your routine? I need to do this more often! As soon as I come across a ton of money, I’m going to buy a Pure Barre package…